Policy and Practice
Public Services Improvement Consultancy
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The services we provide

Policy and Practice specialises in working with the public sector to improve policy, services and relationships at the interface between local government, the NHS and other parts of the public sector. In particular, we are committed to supporting:
  • both local government and the NHS in addressing health and other inequalities and the social determinants of health in the broadest sense;
  • more integrated health, social care and public health services
  • the involvement of ordinary citizens in decisions that affect their lives and the life of their communities.
We and our Associates all have extensive hands-on experience at a senior level in public sector organisations and a wide network of contacts who can provide information to inform our research and publications. We can write for print publications or web pages for which we can design layouts and navigation. Examples of the kind of service we can provide are:
  • research-based guides to new national policy initiatives
  • interpretation and analysis of legislation and its impact on the interface between different sectors and organisations
  • case studies and examples of good and innovative practice
  • assistance in developing memoranda of understanding and/or protocols between different public sector organisations or different parts of the same organisation
  • development support for councillors, both with an executive and a scrutiny role
  • designing explanatory diagrams and structures
  • organisational development support for partnership working, including new forms of partnership - bringing together councillors, health and local government professionals, senior representatives of other parts of the public sector such as police forces and prison staff, and members of the public
  • presentations and scenario-building for boards and committees.
We pride ourselves on our ability to present, both in person and in writing, technical, professional information to lay people and to assist groups of specialists to understand each other’s work and priorities to help them work better together. We are used to working to tight deadlines and keep our commissioners regularly informed of progress on our work.For more information on recent projects. See Commissions